ButOn has earned a great deal of experience in the iGaming industry thanks to the previous accomplishments of several thriving B2C projects under our wing. This is vital as it assists us in providing state-of-the-art solutions and guidance to partners on the selection of exceptional brand attributes.

Therefore, we have designed a straightforward stage-by-stage guide for you to go by.

Primarily, a comprehensive survey that covers fundamental questions is conducted. It includes a chosen brand name, product kind (casino or sportsbook), color design, preferred bonuses and promotions, integrated gamification hallmarks, etc. Relying on these answers, we will have an ideal base and will be able to develop your brand identity.

Furthermore, following the signing of the partnership agreement, we will provide you a checklist of essential preferences to achieve a more profound perception of your wants and needs.

Moreover, the bonus system is, undoubtedly, one of the most crucial features of any online casino and sportsbook. The essential information required on this is assembled from the questionnaire. At this stage, we consider several working scenarios and choose the fittest solutions to ensure that your customers are extremely stimulated.

The above-mentioned steps are required to proceed with the implementation stage. Here we work our magic! Our competent and qualified experts will do their utmost to convert your dream casino/sportsbook into existence! Three months ahead, what was once a simple idea will have evolved into a flourishing website brimming with online iGaming enthusiasts!

Are you ready to start your own online casino? Reach out to us straight away at sales@buton.com.

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