ButOn’s latest offering, MyEmpire, has now officially launched, ushering in an entirely new and uniquely social dimension in the iGaming world. This unique city builder casino brand presents an exclusive opportunity for operators to engage users in a fresh, interactive gaming journey.

Unlike traditional offerings for the players, MyEmpire integrates gameplay with an empire-building narrative, creating a dynamic environment where player activity impacts their gaming experience. This feature is designed to boost player retention and engagement, offering operators an innovative strategy for user acquisition and loyalty.

MyEmpire enriches player experiences with a plethora of interactive gamification features. Daily 'flip-the-cards' rewards and the opportunity to accumulate diamonds through deposits and bets, build an environment of consistent engagement. These diamonds fuel their empire-building adventures across 20 unique districts. The bigger the empire, the greater the rewards, with cash prizes up to €5,500 available, stimulating regular and frequent gameplay.

By incorporating these exciting elements and the differentiated rewards offered in our 5-tier VIP system, MyEmpire allows operators to deliver a compelling iGaming experience that maximizes player retention and engagement.

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