ButOn’s brand, SlotsPalace is bringing players an experience like no other on their brand-new Sportsbook section. This new addition brings with it several new opportunities for players to have fun, particularly with the additional gamification layers that can be found on the Sportsbook. These are aimed at boosting this project and attracting a larger playerbase through these cool new features.

The new gamification elements that have been added include:-A new sports promotion-The ability for players to place bets on horse racing, similarly to a real hippodrome.-The possibility for players to try their luck in virtual sports.-The ability for players to place bets on top sports leagues.-New Free Bets which will be available in SlotsPalace’s Bonus Boutique page.-New sports achievements which will be available in the Art collections section.

Our Horse Racing product has been integrated and launched on SlotsPalace. This is an additional sport that betting enthusiasts can enjoy. New games and betting opportunities such as this also give the online casino an opportunity to significantly diversify its revenue streams.

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