Carolina Muir, the founder of the imminent casino and sportsbook website called Lucky Elektra, has shared her experience about her partnership with ButOn prior to going live!

Why have you chosen ButOn as your partner?

The first thing that caught my attention was the design of the casinos. They are unique and innovative in a lot of different ways. Nowadays, there are a lot of online casinos and they all look pretty much the same. However, the casinos designed by ButOn are unique and stand out from the others. And let's not forget to mention the promotions and rewards that are one-of-a-kind and very attractive.  

Another thing that made me choose ButOn as a partner was that it is partners with the top online gaming providers, which is not only good for attracting the players, but it also shows that it is a trustworthy partner.

What do you think about the implementation process?

It has been very smooth and the communication since day one has been fantastic. You get yourself prepared for some issues here and there with a new partner, just in case. But in this instance, the whole procedure has been completely seamless and without incident.  

What do you think about your brand design? What do you like the most about it?

I haven't seen it finished yet, but I loved what I saw on the mood board so I am confident that I will be happy with the finished product and am excited to see my instincts confirmed!

Regarding the character that you have chosen, it is a very unique idea. Could you share with us where did it come from?

To be honest, I didn’t have a clear idea at the beginning about the character or the theme, but when searching for the name/URL for the casino, I was inspired by the superhero theme that has become so popular in the movies. I wanted a strong female superhero because I am a huge fan of those films. ButOn was able to bring this to life for me and I am delighted with the character LuckyElektra. She is very attractive to both men and women, and caters to a wide range of ages, with these superhero movies continuing to be made.

The brand gamification functionality is very exciting, what do you think your players will think about it?

I think it will grab the player’s attention, they will feel attracted to it, and it will keep them engaged with the casino and sportsbook.

Are you ready to start?

Yes, I am ready to start this new and exciting business adventure.


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