1. What was your biggest motivation when creating ButOn and how does it stand out from the competition?

I would say that plenty of entrepreneurs are driven solely by a profit motive, while that is not wrong, it is not something that I consider a prime inspiration. The iGaming world is on the upswing, always prolific and unforeseeable, and by all means not everyone’s cup of tea.

But I was ready to explore that global and ever-changing corporate climate, seeing it as an outstanding environment to create my own brand. I have had a strong desire to add my two cents to the world of iGaming by presenting something forward-looking and radical. That is why I envisioned a company that focuses on the establishment of cutting-edge brands and platforms. The entirety of our designs has innovative hallmarks, which essentially makes

ButOn stand out from the rest. This is where our biggest potential is and why we continue pursuing such a vision that truly proves to make a difference.

2. What are the solutions that ButOn offers in the creation of casino platforms?

Being aware of the key issues of emerging into the iGaming world, we present our partners a receptive platform that comprises a structure of outputs and solutions. Our partners can benefit from time and energy management, as they do not have to take care of any segment of the online casino software. We present off-the-shelf platforms ready for use which gives our partners the time to establish the branding of the website. With that said, we provide assets such as Casino Solutions whether that be White-Label or Turn-Key, Sportsbook Solutions that include Live Betting and Virtual Sports, Payment Management Solutions with plenty of payment methods, effective fraud prevention systems, and swift identity checks, Additional Solutions (Customer Support Services, CRM Services, SEO Services) which would take your brand to the next level with qualified customer service, marketing tools, and ways of increasing customer traffic. In addition to all mentioned, we provide an extremely easy way of communicating to our partners, so that we can always be on the same page.

3. What do you feel is the biggest strength of ButOn right now?

Our biggest strong points lie in powerful and long-lived relations with the players, along with the team of experienced professionals who put their heart and soul into each of our projects. Not to mention our designers who tailor the layout of the casino platform and deliver the feel and appearance of your brand with the flawless touch of a creative twist. This helps us put out the optimal iGaming solutions, integrating traditional practices in perfect blend with up-to-date technological novelties which lead to globally-known online casino brands.

4. What goal do you have for ButOn in the near future?

The first thing that comes to mind is the ongoing creation of flawless designs and platforms which include the optimization of the convenience, distinctness, and transparency of our final products. Apart from that, we aspire to bring our platforms to perfection by continuously progressing and being of great benefit to our partners by sharing our expertise with them.

5. What have been the biggest challenges ButOn had to overcome?

What we can all agree on is that the technologies have quite speedy development and advancement recently. Having had to follow closely behind these improvements was at times tasking and complex. Yet, we didn’t want to be left behind by any means, therefore, we kept the same pace with these changes. We made the most of the right technological solutions and mechanization for our essential operations, as well as production and performance monitoring.

6. What advice would you share with the fellow founders on the market?

I believe that it is mandatory for a leader to set the guidelines for their iGaming company and formulate a plan in spite of hesitation. Take bold, daring, and tactical steps because this adjusts in accordance with the success of your enterprise in this industry. Try to provide partners with the best possible solutions and execute the plan they are hoping for. Because after all, nothing speaks depths about your company more than customer satisfaction.

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